Travels and Tourism Business

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I am quite sure most of us love to daydream about long holiday travels and tours while sitting in our office chair or while studying for our exams. Yes, we do because we get bored with our routine job. What if travels and tours become our job? We will simply love it, isn’t it? Then […]

Banglore Based NGO Launches 100% Organic and Biodegradable Plastic

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  While many of us are searching for easy to do business ideas, a 25 year old young NRI Banglorean has launched a breakthrough invention. Yes, this young inventor turned entrepreneur called Ashwanth Hegde has recently launched 100% organic and completely biodegradable plastic. Ashwanth has launched his products after doing a deep research of 4-5 years. The […]

Ancient Words of Wisdom Every Ambitious Entrepreneur Should Know

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  We all know that ancient Indians lived in  spiritually well developed civilizations. Many ancient literates have left their abundant wisdom in the form of their writers. Among such intelligent ancient literates one is Tiruwalluwar. Who was Tiruwalluwar? Tiruwalluwar was an ancient Tamil poet who wrote wisdom quotes in the form of verses in his […]