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Here I have compiled a list of 10 offbeat business ideas with great potential, ideas whose time has come. Some serious research has gone into this list as I have only included ideas that are most viable. Also mentioned are a few ideas that have not been explored enough. These businesses are looking for serious entrepreneurs who have the spark in them. Each idea mentioned below has a great future, especially in India. If you can see the potential of it, then you could be the one driving it.


> Herbal Lassi: After the herbal tea, now its time for Herbal Lassi! Whether you like this one or not, you will soon find yourself drinking one. Why not be the person who made it happen?

> Herbal Chewing gum: Sounds offbeat right? Soon many will make millions globally on this one. Could be you.

> IoT: Internet of Things: This one is just coming in. Now is the right time to jump into the wagon. This will pay off big. Do your research.

> Wedding Planner services: This is a multibillion dollar industry. The wedding planner’s future in India has arrived. If you are made for this, you could carve a very profitable niche for yourself.

> A platform that arranges for people to stay at others housesduring their tours, business / sightseeing trips and picnics. Yes! Pretty unconventional right? Trust me, this one has a tremendous future in our country. And its absolutely new here. No competition. 

> Baby Food: Specially formulated, all natural food, exclusively for babies. Do this right and you will be laughing your way to the bank for the rest of your life.

> Baby Warmer: This is mini-sized sleeping bag for babies born in the cold parts of the country. The bag is equipped with a non-electrical element that can be removed and heated in hot water. Research this, it has a very profitable future ahead. (This product is in its early stages in the US and is currently raising capital. It will do equally well here, if not better)

> Solar Energy Consulting: This one is so self evident, there is no need to say more. India is going solar. Make your space here.

> Home Security products: The need for all kinds of home security products is expected to rise exponentially as India moves into a swift progressive mode.

> Chocolate making and Baking: These are businesses with undying potential. Keep it exotic, keep it up and you could go global in a very short time.


Any of the ideas mentioned above could be your ticket to financial freedom and more. Apply due diligence and research to any project you may undrertake. Keep an open mind and remember that perseverance is the key to success. Be bold, take chances where you can and keep at it, even when you feel low and you will do just fine.



Apart from the ones mentioned above, here are a few more conventional ideas which are exploding right now and hold great promise if done right. These businesses always bestow great profit if approached in a unique way. Only the basic idea is presented here so you will need to build around it with your own understanding of the market.


Teach what you know

Bake and sell

Cook and treat 

Manage an exotic lunch-dinner center from home

Baby Sitting

Medical Transcription

Professional Make-up Artist

Party and Events Planner

Build Your Own Perfume Shop


The list is never ending…just keep thinking creatively 🙂

All the best!





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