event management

An Event Management start-up

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  An Event Management start-up Today we will look at what is involved in starting ‘Event Management’ as a viable business and its scope for the future. Starting Event management as a business is an admirable undertaking which promises great success, if managed well. Like every other industry, event management has its own set of […]

Advertisement Agency

Advertisement Agency as a Promising Start-up

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Start your advertisement agency An advertisement agency can turn out to be a profitable source of income with minimal initial investment. Many organizations require assistance from advertisement agencies to market their events or products. Traditional advertisement agencies help their clients by providing banners and hoardings or by advertising the event or product through newspapers, magazines, TV […]

register business

Register business in India

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  Dear friends, Today, we will discuss about how to register your business in India. So far, we talked about some low cost business ideas. Even if the business ideas are low cost, then also we can’t skip process of registering business in India forever. In fact, in order to get benefit from Indian Government’s […]

Mushroom Cultivation

Mushroom Cultivation

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  Want to earn by sitting in your chair and doing nothing? Yes, you heard it right Mushroom Cultivation is that easy. You will obviously think I am gone mad. But I am serious. You can really do it. This does not mean you have to sit idle forever. Yet, you can put just a […]