5 Stupid Reasons Which Stop Women From Entering Entrepreneurship

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Agreed that times are changing and women are stepping out of their homes to fulfill their dreams but the numbers are not encouraging enough. I come across many people who easily recognize me for being the only woman who attended an event in a room full of suited up men.

I certainly enjoy the privilege that comes from being the only woman out there but deep inside in my heart, I know this is not a good reason to be happy about. I believe this quest will not end until the number of women in a business meeting hall equals the number of men in that hall. This is precisely why women still need to step out, compete and prove ourselves to the world!

The facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg has also written a book titled ‘Lean In‘ on how women need to be confident about themselves and should show their will to lead. Well, I accept the fact that it’s not as easy as it sounds and there are many stupid factors which hold back women from taking up the lead and entering into entrepreneurship. We will discuss five of those stupid factors in this post.

  • What will they think about me

    This is the biggest of all the fears that women have. We can not blame ourselves for having this fear though because this fear is an outcome of constant unsolicited advice that we receive from our childhood days.
    One of such advice says that ‘you need to be classy all the time’. Well, there is nothing wrong about being classy but if you wish to sell your product you need to let go your ego n knock every possible customer’s door! The same goes for getting funding for your venture. You need to convince people that you have got the best B-plan and that certainly can’t be done by being classy all the time.
    Another such advice is ‘you need to be a good girl all the time’. Now the irony here is if you have to be a good girl all the time you can not disappoint anyone which is not possible in real world. If everyone around you is happy with you then it means you are compromising a lot and businesses do not succeed by compromising. So you got to be nicely rude at times. You also need to be assertive at times. Being a good girl also means being a good housewife to some people which also means you should be the unpaid nurse, maid, and cook of the family. Nothing wrong about not getting paid for taking care of your family but just because you take some other things on your plate you shouldn’t feel guilty about not taking care of them.
    All in all one must fight with the fear of what will people think. One has to be the go getter in today’s competitive world.

  • I need to complete this to the perfection before I jump to that

    It is a well-known fact that women are intuitively perfectionists and only god knows why? This perfectionism holds them back from stepping forth and grabbing the opportunities. For example, according to  Hewlett-Packard internal report, Men apply for a job when they meet only 60% of the qualifications, but women apply only if they meet 100% of them. Sheryl Sandberg has also mentioned this in her book Lean In.Your business idea need not be in perfect shape before you discuss it with your friends and families. You may get valuable feedback from them and things may just move ahead quicker. If everything is chalked out then what is left there to disclose to your venture team? Are you going to complete everything in isolation? No one can be perfect but just you? I think, we should trust people about their skills and take help from them as and when required. No one is perfect but it certainly speeds you up towards your goal.

  • My husband/ father/ in-laws do not support me

    This is the silliest of all the excuses that women can give. Have you ever seen a man saying ‘I can not do this because my wife/ father/ in-laws don’t support me!’. We unnecessarily believe that we need to be supported to do somethings. A moral support from the family will definitely be an added plus but you simply can’t avoid or give excuses for not doing something because the important people in your life do not support it. A deer does not look for support when it has to run to save its life from a lion. What I mean here is there has to be some fire under your belly to do the things you want to do. Your venture is nothing but your baby and you need to nurture it with or without anyone’s support. If you don’t feel the fire under your belly, at least don’t blame your family members for not letting you do that!

  • What if my money gets wasted in this?

    The only acceptable way of wasting money is wasting it on makeup and fashionable clothes? Money is wasted every day and not just by women but by everyone. If money is not in circulation it is of no use. Money is the only thing which can be used by parting with it. So get over that itch of saving everything that you have. There are ways of raising funds. Read about it and stop giving excuses of not having money and fear of wasting money.

  • I am not smart enough to do it

    Women always understate themselves. This is the one thing they are really good at without any fail. The question is, why can’t we just believe ourselves? If you are smart enough to think about it, why can’t you just do it? You certainly can. Ok, what if you are not smart enough to do it?The answer is, you will fail in it. But when you don’t give yourself a chance to try then you fail before the venture begins. I think we are more scared about being laughed at for our failures. That is why we don’t allow ourselves to try.
    Ok, even if one fails what one should do? One should analyze his/her mistakes and rectify it, isn’t it? Most of the women don’t even reach the stage of correcting their mistakes simply because they don’t even try in the first place! I think here we should remind ourselves that ‘a person who never made a mistake never tried anything new’.
    Today the whole world knows that  Thomas Edison made 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb. When a reporter asked Edison about, ‘how did it feel to fail 1,000 times?’ Edison replied, “I didn’t fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.” If we are also passionate about our like Edison then failure will become secondary and the focus will shift to overcoming the obstacles.

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