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Advertisement Agency as a Promising Start-up

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Start your advertisement agency

An advertisement agency can turn out to be a profitable source of income with minimal initial investment. Many organizations require assistance from advertisement agencies to market their events or products. Traditional advertisement agencies help their clients by providing banners and hoardings or by advertising the event or product through newspapers, magazines, TV channels or radio channels. Nowadays, digital advertisement agencies are also emerging as good career opportunity with increasing digitalization in world. If you are a creative person with strong communication and people skills you can do very well in this field. Let’s see what are the resources which you will need to start up an advertisement agency.


A computer with internet connection: This will help you to find out your potential clients. You can create your website and develop your strong on-line presence. You can do this by creating your facebook page, google + profile , india mart profile and just dial profile. In addition to this, a business e-mail address is a must for maintaining your professional contacts. Once you list yourself as an advertisement agency on internet, your potential clients will be able to search you.

A telephone and mobile network connection: This will help you just as a professional email address will help you. Your clients will be able to contact you regarding their assignments. A professional telephone and mobile network connection will also help you to keep your personal and professional lives separate. As a result of this, you will be able to work with more focus.

Advertisement platform: The advertisement platform depends on type of advertisement agency you establish. For an instance, an advertisement agency specialized in advertising the election campaigns will require banners and hoardings as advertisement platforms. In this case, you will require adobe photoshop skills and will require to make arrangements for printing as well.  If you wish to advertise through radio channels you will require to set-up a recording studio. Now I guess you can realise, the infrastructure required for making television advertisements will further require model-actors and professional videographer. If you wish to focus on digital advertising you will require to focus on developing web-based digital content. So as you can see, everything depends on the niche in which you wish to work.

Formal training or educational courses

Although, it is not mandatory to receive formal education in order to start an advertisement agency, having a college degree can be an added plus. A bachelors degree in Journalism, Advertising or Marketing can help you to boost your confidence. However, a college degree is more of mandate, when one wants to seek a job opportunity in advertising. When it comes to best educational institutes providing education in advertising and media these institutes top the list in following order:

  1. IIM Calcutta
  2. Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahemdabad
  3. Xavier Institute of Communication, Mumbai
  4. University of Mumbai
  5. and St. Xavier’s college Kolkata

If, one wants to know more about these institutes and their courses, he/she is reffered to read this article. Having told this, one should always remember that experience is greatest teachers.

Looking for role models in the advertisement business?

An advertisement agency undoubtedly has a vast scope. Therefore, it may be a bit tricky to understand how one should go about starting one. This dilemma can be reduced by looking around and knowing about other people in the same business. I believe having a look at services provided by The Crayons Network can greatly help to visualize the scope of an advertisement agency.

In addition to learning from people in the same business, reading about advertising can also turn out to be very powerful resource. As you will read more about advertising, you will gain the confidence to start your venture. Reading will be more helpful, specially when one hasn’t received formal education or training in the field of advertisement and media. Therefore, one can begin his or her research by reading books like:
How towrite a good advertisement
Tested advertisement methods
Scientific Advertising
and I am sure, a book like Breakthrough Advertising: How to Write Ads That Shatter Traditions and Sales Records will be worth a millions for ambitious beginners in this field.

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