Ancient Words of Wisdom Every Ambitious Entrepreneur Should Know

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We all know that ancient Indians lived in  spiritually well developed civilizations. Many ancient literates have left their abundant wisdom in the form of their writers. Among such intelligent ancient literates one is Tiruwalluwar.

Who was Tiruwalluwar?

Tiruwalluwar was an ancient Tamil poet who wrote wisdom quotes in the form of verses in his famous book known as ‘Tirukurral’.

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Importance of Tirukurral

Tirukurral has great importance in Tamil literature. Tiruwalluwar has written about many aspects of life in his this work. It contains 1,330 couplets, grouped into 133 chapters of 10 couplets each. Each verse consists of seven words, and is divided into two verses (4 and 3 words).

It is noteworthy that most of Tiruwalluwar’s wisdom in ancient times hold applicability in our life till today. For example, Tiruwalluwar’s writings on ‘Means of Generating Wealth’ has proved its importance in today’s demonetization era. We believe every entrepreneur should imbibe these Tirukkural verses on ‘Means of Generating Wealth’ to achieve long lasting success in their endeavor.

Tiruwalluwar’s verses on Means of Generating Waelth

Chapter 76 : Means of wealth generation

Wealth makes them, who were deemed worthless, worthy;
if not, it is not wealth.
There is nothing other than wealth
that brings respect to those who never had it.
751 V2
The poor are ridiculed by all, and
the rich esteemed by all.
The unfailing lamp called wealth will dislodge darkness
by throwing light anywhere it wants to.
It yields righteousness and joy, the wealth
acquired capably without causing any harm.
Consider it unworthy of acquiring – wealth
that is not generated with compassion and love.
Funds generated in the normal course, internal taxes and
acquisitions from enemies are sources of wealth for the king.
The infant called compassion, birthed by love,
is nurtured by the rich custodian called wealth.
Doing a deed with some wealth on hand
is like climbing a hilltop and watching tuskers tussle.
Make money – there is no weapon sharper than it
to sever the pride of your foes.
For those who have made abundant wealth through fair means,
the remaining two (righteousness and love) are easy to achieve.


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