Banglore Based NGO Launches 100% Organic and Biodegradable Plastic

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While many of us are searching for easy to do business ideas, a 25 year old young NRI Banglorean has launched a breakthrough invention. Yes, this young inventor turned entrepreneur called Ashwanth Hegde has recently launched 100% organic and completely biodegradable plastic. Ashwanth has launched his products after doing a deep research of 4-5 years. The biodegradable plastic bags are manufactured using natural starch sourced from Potato and vegitable oil derivatives. The NGO EnviGreen which launched these bags is based in Banglore.


The bags can be destroyed, by dissolving in water at room temperature for 24 hours. If you are in a hurry, the bags can also be dissolved in 15 seconds using boiling water. The bags are manufactured using 100% organic material, therefore it doesn’t harm even if you swallow it! This is really important as the rate of animal deaths because of plastic consumption from garbage has reached an alarming state.

This is indeed a very good news for the Environmental Health, as all of us know for the matter of fact, that an ever increasing amount of plastic garbage is the leading cause of inefficient waste control. Moreover, many animals die because of swallowing the plastic in garbage.


The bags will be available in some of leading shopping mall chains such as Metro and Reliance from this December itself. The cost of a bag is Rs. 3  a little more than the plastic bag which costs Rs. 2 per bag and quite cheap than the cloth bag which cost Rs. 12-20 per bag. It will take some time to launch the bags all over India as EnviGreen is working on building sufficient manufacturing facility in Banglore itself.

This is also a good news for the farmers who can earn from selling their crops to EnviGreen. The NGO is also planning to supply seed grains to farmer who can provide raw materials for manufacturing these bags.

In the end, we all must take inspiration from this invention and keep pushing ourselves to our goals.


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