Mushroom Cultivation

Mushroom Cultivation

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Want to earn by sitting in your chair and doing nothing?

Yes, you heard it right Mushroom Cultivation is that easy. You will obviously think I am gone mad. But I am serious. You can really do it. This does not mean you have to sit idle forever. Yet, you can put just a little bit of effort into Mushroom Cultivation and it grows on its own!
You might have heard this famous quote of Bill Gates,“I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” Well, in my opinion Mushroom Cultivation will also be choice of  such smart and lazy people. Let’s try to learn more about Mushroom Cultivation by Clicking Here!

Which breed you should choose for Mushroom Cultivation?

The easiest breed to cultivate in India is Oyster Mushrooms. This is because it grows well in humid atmosphere with  temperature conditions of 25-30 Degree Celsius. These conditions are prevalent in most of the geographical regions of India. Apart from this, there are some other varieties of Mushroom such as Shitake and Button Mushroom which are cultivated in Northern regions of India. These varieties require cooler temperature and more advanced horticulture skills. In this article, we will mainly focus on Oyster Mushroom cultivation which is every new-bee’s  choice. The following image shows fresh oyster mushrooms.

Mushroom Cultivation
View from underneath of the gills and caps of fresh white oyster mushrooms which have a delicate flavour and are used as a cooking ingredient and vegetable

So what do you require for Mushroom Cultivation?

Although it’s easy, I will recommend you to read a nice book on Mushroom Cultivation. This will help you to get confidant. In addition to this you can also take a look at videos referred at the end of this article. They will also help you to prepare yourself. You can also use do it yourself kits which will boost your confidence. You can cultivate Oyster mushrooms in very small space, say 100 sq.feet room. It takes about 35 days to harvest the crop.
Once you are ready, you will require to invest in following things for Mushroom Cultivation:

Fixed costs
Temporary Shed :20’x12’x6′(240 sq.ft.)
Bamboos for racks
Knap sack Sprayer : One
Vessels, heating equipment
Misc.(for knives, trays, rope etc.)
Operational cost (per cycle)
Paddy Straw
Polyethylene bags
Cost of pasteurisation
Bavistin & Formaldehyde
Labour Charges
Fuel / Power cost Lumpsum

It will be wise to order these ingredients from wholesale suppliers. You may also order these products online on Aliexpress. The rates are fairly good as its on-line wholesale market. To order just click on website below:

How will you market it?

Mushrooms are rich in vital nutrients. They are great source of vitamin B, vitamin D as well as essential minerals such as Selenium, Ergothioneine, Copper and Potassium. Therefore, you can target health conscious population who will really appreciate the worth of Mushrooms. Moreover, mushrooms are also  part chinese dishes and Italian food. If you are a small manufacturer, you can directly sale your product as retail which will give you good profit margin. It is true that there is a lot of profit in Mushroom Cultivation. For example, I once purchased 40 g Oyster Mushrooms for 64 Rs at StarBazar. This means, people can pay 1600 Rs. for 1 Kg Oyster Mushroom. At the same time, I also enquired in several hotels about how much Oyster Mushroom they require on monthly basis. This helped me to understand that any three star/ five star hotel can easily purchase 10-30 Kg Mushroom.

Some examples of successful entrepreneurs in Mushroom farming

Sarala Bastian

Janaki Sreekumar

Vikas Mushroom Farms


Some useful on-line resources


Training Calendar

Hindi video

English video

I hope you find this information useful. Please feel free to get in touch in case you need more help from me.