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Set up a professional recording studio

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Have you ever given a thought to set up your own recording studio? We all love music isn’t it? While, it is true that all of us can not become Lata Mangeshkar or Kishor Kumar, owning a recording studio can certainly help to get closer to music industry.  I personally believe, setting up a recording studio is something that every music lover will enjoy. I know you will agree with the fact that life spent on things you enjoy is a life well lived. Now, let’s give some thought to how setting up recording studio can help you to earn some income.


How can recording studio help you to earn income?

Recording studios are required by following  professionals who want to record:

  •  music for movies
  •  advertising jingles
  • music albums
  • or  their own personal music

Recording studio owners earn by renting their studios on hourly basis. So, if you start your own studio, you will get a long que of music directors. You can charge them anywhere between 500-1000 Rs. /hour!

Skill requirement

It is always better to sharpen your axe before you start cutting the woods. A professional training will help you make your dream come true. In order to be a successful entrepreneur in this field, you need to master the art of sound engineering, recording, tutoring, commercial music and voice-overs, Mixing and mastering.

I believe, a look at following on-line resources will help you to get more information.

Click Here!


Free PDF tutorials

Audio institute of America

Apart from this if you can manage to take full time course, you can try securing admission to one of these Indian institutes.

List of colleges


About us

However, an on-line course from audio institute of America can turn out to be cheaper than Mumbai Music Institute. The reader’s should also note that performing well in above courses will not ensure them a job or success in this field. In fact, experience is most valued in this industry. I mean to say, people will be more interested to know about your last assignment than your grades in the course. Okay, you got to know that you can earn pretty high with this business. Now, let’s move on to understand what could be initial investment required for starting it up.

 What do you need to start a studio?

When starting up with a small studio which has a control desk and a vocal booth, you will require about 100 square feet area. You will require larger space, if you wish to work with record bands. The cost of space depends on location. An ideal studio should be located in good neighbourhood. A sample design for recording studio can be found here.

A suit to record vocals

Mix and record system

A decent computer with sound card

Recording software

A good microphone

Drum kits

Cabling and accessories like XLR mic leads, guitar leads, headphones and mic stands


Focusrite Scarlett Studio  is an awesome package to build your recording studio 

I would also like to recommend you to visit this informative site.

Marketing your business

Initially, you might require to do some free assignments and work for yourself. It will help you to prove your capabilities and also to fine-tune your skills. In the beginning you can promote your work using social media. At later stage, you may advertise your website using google adwords.


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