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source site I am quite sure most of us love to daydream about long holiday travels and tours while sitting in our office chair or while studying for our exams. Yes, we do because we get bored with our routine job. What if travels and tours become our job? We will simply love it, isn’t it? Then why not think about starting your own travels and tours business which will not only generate a source of income for you but will also make you fall in love with your job! The benefits of starting travels and tours business are:

  • You can live your dream for today without waiting for your retirement
  • You can, of course, travel around the world
  • This is again a zero investment idea! where you can start by collecting advances from your customers
  • You can also start side businesses such as photography, hotel reviews, car/vehicle renting services and travel blogs and blah blah blah…
  • You get to taste food from places all around the world
  • You don’t need to code and build an app or website for this!

With this all said and done, now I am sure you are excited to know how one should go about starting your business. One can start with an investment of a few million if one wants and if one has his/her sources to do so. But the whole objective of starting this blog was to help individuals to generate income sources with very little or no investment. So when one wants to start with zero investment one should start by taking small footsteps :). How do you do that?

sinemet plus cost The easiest way to do this is by finding a weekend getaway around the place you are living in. Simply locate an amazing tourist place which is less traveled or lesser known. Now enlist all the possible tourist attractions related to that place. Remember nowadays people want to visit peaceful places which are away from the chaotic life in fast moving cities. A simple adventure tour where people can do night camping or trekking is fine too.

Once you have spotted your destination, do a search on travel, food and accommodation charges to these places. The choice of mode of travel and hotel accommodation should be done keeping in mind the spending potential of people you will like to be part of your first tour. Check the calendar for long weekends and dates on which people are likely to plan holiday tours. Now talk with the hotel manager and transport agencies with your tentative requisite. Ask them if you get potential customers of say, x number what discounts and commission they can offer you?By this time you might have reached the cost per head for the said tour. Bingo!! All you have to do is post a facebook even of tour/camp and invite people to the event. Ask them to contribute the cost per head + your profit per head. Remember that you can not simply increase your profit by quoting high. People are smart enough to find out the expected expenditure and will find out ways of getting it done at lesser cost. So charge them a minimal fee for your services which should be few hundreds. Small fees will be easily ignored and more acceptable to your clients; however, the collective amount that you will receive from the entire group will give you a considerable profit.

In addition to arranging the transport, food and stay facilities, you need to plan some activities which will make the tour memorable for all group members. This can include a small return gift (Keychains, photo frames, coffee mugs etc.). A group picture with your agency’s details is a must to create a long lasting impression. These things will remind them of your services next time they plan a holiday trip.
Have you heard the saying, ‘little things make big difference’ ?. Well, it is very relevant here.

This is just a small activity plan to get you started here. This can be a great pocket money source for the college going students and has a tremendous potential to grow exponentially. How you grow it is entirely up to you. And what’s next? Just give it a try and going!! And don’t forget to write back to me about your wonderful experiences.


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